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Von Khar
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I’ve never cared, nor I’ll ever care about followers whatsoever. It is rather pointless for me to know if you like or not my blog.
Certainly I received a few “I really like your blog” or “your blog is awesome”. It certainly strokes my ego in the short run, but deep inside it’s not my vision, my feeling, or exactly my understanding of the blog. It is mainly your perception, and your perception is and will always be completely wrong about why is my blog like this rather than not.
It is pointless to please you, because it’s simply a construction of how I feel, and no amount of images, texts or whatever will let you understand the feeling I’m perceiving. Tumblr is great, but it’s also a pile of shit where everyone expresses their moods and their ways of living so that others take them and remodel them into being part of themselves.
I’m slowly losing interest in this, because there is no genuineness. No originality. It is only void.